• Jackie Reynolds

another life

another life.

we’ve been referring to the time before the pandemic as a past life.

usually it is said in a moment of longing and discontent for how we are living in this new space.

as an artist, i have always had a lot of pride looking at my years of being an actor.

artists tend to live out many lives in their careers.

being an actor requires evolution -

and change has always brought out my best traits.

though, this new life has allowed me to step into another version of myself.

this new version of myself is someone i do not know.

i am completely disconnected from the career i built as an actor.

sometimes it feels almost like indifference.

as artists, we are all getting the opportunity to meet ourselves brand new right now, yet even sitting with myself feels brand new.

not only am i NOT focused on my acting career..

i am engaged, planning a wedding, starting a business, working from home.

and it's all moving so fast and is so greatly different than what I thought I was working for.

at times this new life feels like it’s happening around me,

requiring another life to live out.


if you feel this too...

trust the evolution -

and don't be afraid to meet yourself over and over again.

make the choice to embrace the many lives you get to live out

in this one,


and precious gift called


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