• Jackie Reynolds

a love letter to stillness

I really hope this time wakes us up and we don't go back to sleep.

As I sit here under the most beautiful Fall night sky, I can't help but feel that inner push and pull.

That constant 'go, go, go....'

And then I witness myself choosing to get calm and search for that inner moment of stillness.

When I am able to access that moment of stillness,

time stops.

There it is.

Always there.



I am usually alone when stillness hits me, and even though I am alone, I always feel surrounded by love.

Supported my source.

An energy takes over and I know in that moment that I will continue to find ways to create more space for it to enter my life more often.

For what it's worth, it's not always conscious to come back to stillness like this.

In fact there are many moments of the day where I hear that little voice calling me back to stillness and I am too consumed with my psyche to listen.

Being human is like that.

Messy and complicated and, in my opinion, completely unnecessarily so.

But there's always a moment, a space, where that voice takes center stage and I know that I have to answer the call.

The call to go off, alone, and be still.

It is here where I remember that the only permanence in this life is

higher love,

higher consciousness,

and source.

It is here where I wake up.


And in this moment I am grateful for the opportunity to poor more love out and to surrender to more softness.

More stillness.

I really hope this time wakes us up and we don't go back to sleep.

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